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The Heart of Sound

A musical way of being in the world that resonates with deep authenticity.


The power of awakened sound.


Embracing aliveness.


Loving beyond all reason.

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What is the Heart of Sound?

More than simply a profound method of practicing mantra and the yoga of vibration. . . the Heart of Sound invites you into a harmonious way of being in the world.

The training will change how sweetly you digest your past, how richly you savor your present, and how gloriously you write the song of your future.

It's about vibrant living, first for yourself, and then for your community.

The first steps to engage are by exploring the Heart of Sound in your own life. Get started with one of our many free foundational teachings. Or, dive straight into one of our in-depth online courses or attend a 5-day Retreat into the Heart of Sound.

Those who have experienced the power of our approach can also take training to lead profound chant experiences in their communities. If your heart yearns to serve, consider our Teacher Training course so you can skillfully support transformation with our empowering approach to mantra and sound.

Yoga teachers, life coaches, counselors, business executives, wellness practitioners, musicians, and educators of all kinds from over 40 countries have graduated from the Heart of Sound 200 hour teacher training program so far. The course is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Explore the Resonance of your Unique Voice


Celebrate the full range of your authentic expression.


Nourish the spaces within you that yearn for connection.


Understand your purpose and unique contribution to others.


Expand your perspective and catalyze change.

A message from Heart of Sound founder Anandra George


"I totally underestimated the impact the Heart of Sound would have on my life. I’ve done many courses, with many great teachers, but studying with Anandra feels like hitting the jackpot; it's a gift that keeps on giving. I’m not kidding that it is a mind-blowing experience that can transform your life. I'm forever grateful."

John Pearce
Accountant, Australia

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Explore the life-changing power of sound, and step into leadership for the benefit of others.


What Students Are Saying



Thousands of people have joined our Mantras for Peace global chant circle to dedicate 5 minutes per day to resonating the prayer "May All the Beings in All the Worlds Be Happy." Will you join us?



Is the Heart of Sound Calling?

Delicious images and sweet words of love fill this video with the essence of Heart of Sound Teacher Training. All programs are now online through 2021, and a 2022 India program is TBA.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Heart of Sound is a lifestyle method rooted in ancient yogic wisdom for optimal, empowered living.

It centers on the wisdom of sound yoga and the cultivation of skillfulness and deep presence in life, communication, and relationship.

The Heart of Sound method is for everyone who wants to develop a deeper daily presence, cultivate clarity and joy, express your unique energy in the world, and live life more harmoniously.

Educators, trainers, and coaches of every kind -- from yoga teachers to personal trainers to life coaches and beyond -- may eventually step into leadership, becoming trained and qualified to share the Heart of Sound method with their communities.

Begin with our online courses and groups -- simply click on Courses in the site menu for our free Orienting to the Heart of Sound course.

Yes, payment plans are available for most retreats and trainings.

Yes, we have a scholarship application form here.

Yes, if you have a professional skill that you think could benefit the Heart of Sound in trade for tuition, you may send your resume, CV, and proposed offering to


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